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Creative and Performing Arts

When our students step on stage, you will see them fully immersed in the whole spectrum of performing arts: dance, theatre, performance, music. We nurture energetic creativity and value the Performing and Creative Arts as a critical learning tool that helps develop well-rounded individuals and encourages skills that are vital for success in later life. STEAM British International School offers a wide range of

Visual Arts

The visual arts allow students to function as artists as well as learners of the arts. UIS encourages all students to be artists and develop artistic curiosity about themselves, others and the world. Students develop their ability to think creatively and express themselves through a variety of art forms, mediums and techniques.


The Drama club gives students the chance to build on their self-confidence and public speaking skills. This all comes together with our school plays that give the students a chance to show their acting ability.

Theatrical productions are integral to school life at the school and all children are given the opportunity to participate in these during the year. They provide the opportunity to develop confidence, teamwork and share a great sense of accomplishment. 


 All children have the opportunity to experience creative expression and visual performance through this medium. A variety of themes are explored inspired by music and imagery. UIS also has thriving dance clubs which are accessed through our ASC Program.Through dance our students learn to explore basic body actions so that they can create and repeat short dances inspired by themes and music. 


While music can increase our ability to learn, the benefits of education in music reach beyond the classroom and academic settings.  Music teaches your child to connect with themselves and others. It teaches them how to make decisions and to problem solve.  It raises self-esteem and opens doors to dreams and aspirations. 

UIS Music Hub gives students an opportunity to learn to play a variety of musical instruments. The UIS Music Hub provides students with a chance to develop a lifelong appreciation of music and an enthusiasm for learning, all in a nurturing environment with supportive teachers.